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We treat all information as confidential and only use information in our case studies that our clients allow us to use in a public forum. In both of the listed cases, we can contact these clients to speak on a one-one basis.
Pat from Coventry
Pat, unfortunately was a victim of 2 non-fault accidents
The first was in the summer of 1998 and second during 2003
Pat suffered severe trauma and fear with driving, but after only one session with Linda, she was driving short journeys on her own.
After 4 sessions Pat is now back on the road
Carol from Lincolnshire
Carol was a passenger when involved in an road traffic accident in Feb 2002
Carol was extremely distressed with being a passenger or driving a car
After 2 sessions she became more relaxed about driving
After the 4th session and with follow up calls, Carol was able to start driving by herself again
Carol is now driving approx 40 miles a day several times a week.


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